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Food for Thought
By Lady Maddaline Norfleet

Why Do Wise Men Do Foolish Things?



Why do wise men do foolish things?  Solomon, the wisest man to have ever lived made poor choices.  Why?


Maybe out of weakness.  We all have a thorn, a weakness of the flesh, an untamed craving for that which could potentially derail us or take us out all together.   Someone understood this predicament when they coined the phrase, "You've got to pray to stay and you've got to fast to last".  It implies that God honors the sincere, conscious efforts of those who desire to have a relationship with Him.  While circumstances may not always be as we desire, God will give us the endurance to see them through and the favor to pass Any Test.


Could Solomon's issue be attributed to the fact that he was so brilliant?  Could all of the knowledge he acquired somehow have hindered his sensitivity to God?  Intellect can be a blessing or a curse.  Which one it becomes is up to our individual ability to recognize who God is, then who we are and respond with humility.  Only God knows it ALL.


Perhaps he let his love for foreign women turn his heart away from God.  Consider his plight in the Song of Solomon.  He speaks of searching for his one and only true love.  He asked the question, "Has anyone seen my true love?" This speaks to having known true love but later being seduced by the craftiness of a counterfeit.  It was fulfilling for a time but unable to duplicate the fundamental qualities of true love.  It left him obsessively trying to recreate a moment that could only be secured when man's heart is safely in the hands of God.  All things being pure, any love that is patterned after it will bare fruit after its own kind.  But, this counterfeit love can cause us to lose the most valuable thing we can ever know; companionship with God, the source of pure wisdom.  I'm sure if Solomon were here today, he would agree that if the price of comprehension is losing one's ability to make wise choices, then the price is Too High.   


It appears that there was a time in Solomon's life that he regressed.  Much like having a plug and an outlet but no power source, it doesn't work!  We must never fail to recognize that there is always a spiritual solution to every situation.  Knowledge only becomes wisdom when we seek Gods Devine guidance.  Problems that challenge us the most are not that different from the ordinary, day-to-day issues we resolve easily.  In these cases, almost effortlessly we cut through the possibilities and seize the moment of sensible solutions.  This process is known as Common Sense.  When you yield common sense to God, it transforms itself into discernment.  When discernment and common sense come together it produces wisdom. 


So, when life's bumps in the road turn into mountains to climb, threatening your good judgment, you can call upon the Devine common sense God gave you.  This is when the foolish things that wise men (women) do, will not pertain to you.


Written by Lady Maddaline Norfleet 

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