Uganda Missions 2010

The Clinics
We held (3) Medical Clinics
2 in Mukono Town and 1 in Zana
Consisting of Dental, Pediatric, Optical, General Health and 
Prayer Clinics

Medical Staff

2 GP Doctors, 3 Dentist, 1 Oral Surgeon, 1 Pharmacist, 3 Nurses and many volunteers participated in the clinics.

The launch of Grace Like Rain "Uganda Smile Project" was an overwhelming Success!

  1. Nearly 2,500 patients treated throughout the 3 clinics
  2. A total of 264 tooth extractions and a host of other  dental procedures was performed.        
  3. 500 people received dental hygiene kits along with "Good Dental Hygiene Training".
  4. There was an tremendous request for eye glasses. We gave 30 individuals much needed glasses and could have given another 100 additional pair, if we had them to give...
  5. Each nursing mother was given a beautiful handmade feeding blanket.
  6. 271 first time salvations were noted during the Prayer Clinics and a host of supernatural healings and deliverances. 
The Dental Clinics
 Tooth Extraction
84 year old woman suffers with Periodontal Disease

Nurse Dories to the rescue after tooth extraction
Dental Hygiene kits and training given at clinics

Nursing mothers received feeding blankets for their babies 
Note: Pastor Dories French & Friends provided the blankets

Off to the pharmacy warehouse to pick up medications
Setting up the pharmacies in Mukono and Zana
Doctors triage & diagnose patients 

Putting meds in pill bags for dispensing. 
* Lady Maddaline has 17 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry. 
* Pastor Kathy is retired from the US Military working in several medical areas.
* Pastor Dories is presently a nurse supervisor with work experience 
in almost every field. 
This goes to show, there is no job too small on the mission field.

Prayer Clinics

An Amazing Story!
This woman gave her life to Christ at one of the prayer clinics. 
She told us that she would only be able to come to church once or twice
per month because she'd have to come in secret. 
She gave us the location of her home and asked if someone could
place bible scriptures at the foot of the tree in her yard and she 
would slip out and retrieve them at night.

  Her face has been distorted for her protection.

Pedi Clinic
Optical Clinic
Humanitarian Services
  1. Rice & beans were given to the boys at "Home Again" Boys Home and the "GLR New Living Hope" training school for the blind. 
  2. Checked the progress of the "Pig & Chicken Project" GLR started last year at the training school for the blind.
  3. Gave out toys, candy and cookies to over 500 children in Mukono Town and Kampala.
  4. Donated a High Performance Cordless Microphone System to the Church in Mukono.
  5. Visited with Bishop Grivas Musisi and the Nakyessa Christian Boarding School.

Lady Maddaline goes to the Market - Better known as
"The Jungle"
Rice & Beans for the "Home Again" boys 
and "GLR" training school for the blind

GLR New Living Hope Training School for the Blind
Click below to view short video clip


The girls show off their skills at "Bell Ball"
Although blind, they tie scarfs over their eyes to prove there is 
no cheating.  There is a bell inside the ball and the object is to hit 
the ball between players  by follow the sound of the bell 
ringing as the ball is shuffled about.
Remarkably, they are really quite good at it.

If you or someone you know would like to support
the GLR New Living Hope Training School for the Blind
you may send donations to:

Grace Like Rain World Missions
P.O. Box 1700, Meriden, CT  06450
(All donations are tax deductible)
Please note: donation is for "GLR School for the Blind" in memo section

LOVE is-- As LOVE Does... GLR Children's Ministry
in partnership with 
Pastor Katherine Norfleet 
and the
Images of Glory Ministries
of Orlando, Florida

Pastor Kathy & volunteers hand out goodies to over 500 children
Pastor Kathy and Dr. Immaculate enjoy a laugh after 
giving out the last of the goodies.

The visit to Nakyessa Christian School
with founder, Bishop Grivas Musisi


Lady Maddaline feeds the children breakfast


Bishop Norfleet, Bishop Grivas, Lady Maddaline
Pastor Kathy and Pastor Dories...greet the class

 The Nakyessa School is in great need of your help.  
Please click on the link below to read the history 
of the school and how you can keep this vision alive.

Evangelistic Services
 Great Crusade Meetings & Pastor's & Leaders Conferences
1 at Prayer Palace Christian Center In Muknono
1 at Prayer Palace Christian Center (Headquarters) in Kampala
Bishop Joseph Norfleet                Bishop Grivas Musisi

Bishop Michael Mugerwa           Pastor Joshua Kutessa
The interpreters were Awesome
Pastor Alvin Mukisa                  Pastor Israel Ssekamatte

Pastor Joshua and Lady Maddaline team up!

Speak the word Lady Maddaline


A word from the Bishop

The people of Uganda were truly BLESSED!


Special Thanks
Bishop Grivas Musisi

Pastor Joshua and Pastor Israel 

Pastor Peter  & the Resurrection Life staff  

Pastor David Kyambodde

Bishop John Mubiru

Pastor Grace Sempa

Our Very Special Shofer
Bro. Ivan

Bro. David Musisi

Nurse Gertrude, Dr. Immaculate & Dr. Paul

God Bless!

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