Haiti Missions 2011

June 13 - 18, 2011
  • 3 Medical Clinics - 1 Pediatric and 2 General Health servicing nearly  700 people
  • Over 50 pair of glasses was given at our optical clinic on the 16th of June. 
  • Over 100 pair of sandals and 65 hats were given to men, women and children throughout the 3 day medicals.
  • 6 Evangelist services were held with many souls coming to know christ as personal savior.
  • Several hundred meals were provided for the locals durning our time there.
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Team prays for the success of the mission trip
before leaving Port au Prince
GLR Mission team at Port au Prince Domestic Airport
preparing to go to Cap Haitian/Terrier-Rouge

The Team took a 20 passenger plane over to Cap Haitian/Terrier-Rouge
Just arriving in Terrier-Rouge, Haiti where medical clinics were given

Preparing the Non-prescription Meds

Medical Clinics
GLR World Missions gave out over 100 Pair of sandals

GLR World Missions gave out over 65 hats to men, women and children

GLR World Missions provided much needed glasses to over 50 people



The prayer Clinic
Faces of Haiti
The Evangelistic Services

One and a half years after the Jan 2010 Earthquake
"The Recovery Process Continues"