Healing Waters

Healing Waters Fellowship

is presently geared toward women and married couples.  It is a program designed to promote rest, relaxation and development of a more enhanced spiritual relationship with God.  Each year the ladies arrive on the shores of Maui, Hawaii and begin each day with Sunrise worship on the beach.  The  key theme for Healing Waters is worship and rejuvenation.  With that in mind each woman works on her personal bond with God and is strengthened and encouraged through the ties of sisterhood and faith in God.  The unique thing about Healing Waters is - you get the best of both worlds.  After partaking in the spiritual, we make sure to have plenty of time to enjoy one another and the beauty and activities of the island. Two of the major highlights of the trip are the morning glory sessions where women learn to commune with God and share insights on His personal revelations to them and the "ladies in white night" where professional photos are taken showing the purity that we have in Christ.  Because Healing Waters has been in existence for over six years, the people of the island have affectionately renamed us "The Praying Women".  Often times, people in passing approach us requesting special prayer for personal circumstances.  Once the women's retreat is over, spouses join their wives and enjoy  several days of love renewed and spiritual rejuvenation in the marriage.   The couples site see and participate in island activities.  They enjoy one another while taking in the wonders of one of God's most beautiful islands. 


Healing Waters Retreat 2015

May 11 -15, 2015
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  Healing Waters for Women Conference
November 17-19, 2010
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Healing Waters Hawaii May 2010
Professional Photos by Tradewind Photography -Maui
Location - Grand Wailea Resort - Maui, Hawaii
Sunrise Worship on the beach

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